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PostSubject: Deleted!!!   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:27 pm


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PostSubject: Wizard Tower   Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:20 pm

I think this has got to be your longest post yet Sam. kudos!

My Thoughts
I did have a lot of fun in Wizard Tower the second floor was the funnest. The 4th floor boss took me about 40 minutes (i soloed it). When I fought Privel I had a good time. A gm (Kwata) was watching me as I went through the entire "dungeon". But, when Privel has low health he spawns monsters to help him. As a bonus glitch they attacked him instead of me. I was pretty sad about the loot (11k) but I as still happy because I was the first one to beat wizard tower. Very Happy

Over Weight Issue
I had this a few times because of the bosses gold drop. I have a bag of Weight Reduction (event item) but, I keep forgetting it in the bank. My suggestion is to do the solen quest to get a bag of sending for the gold. The start of the quest is in Britain Library. Talk to Bowie the naturalist he will tell you to study the nest in the hive. I have a rune in my library (aka player rune library). When you finish the quest he will give you a seed. Give it to the solen matriarch (she is a yellow). Thus starts the bag of sending quest.

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