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 Threekingham Bar

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PostSubject: Threekingham Bar    Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:14 am

There is the Threekingham Bar roundabout with the east-west A52, and it goes through Osbournby, as London Road the primary school. It passes the Tally Ho Inn, near Aswarby, then there are left turns for Aunsby and Swarby. Sleaford and Silk Willoughby were until 1993 on the A15, which slowed traffic down chronically as the traffic went across a level crossing and through Sleaford's shopping area. The £5.7m bypass opened on 16 September 1993, by Douglas Hogg, where there is a roundabout with the A153 and B1517, where the traffic increases. The A15 crosses the railway and River Slea then leaves the bypass at the Holdingham Roundabout with the A17 and B1518 (former route). Situated on this large roundabout are a Little Chef with a Travelodge, a McDonalds and the Total Holdingham Service Station.
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Threekingham Bar
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