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 away from the city

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PostSubject: away from the city   Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:36 am


America, Britain and France attacked LIBYAN airfields, military centres and tanks with aircraft and missiles after the UN Security Council passed a resolution providing for a no-fly zone. Rebel troops fighting to topple Colonel Muammar Qaddafi broke out of their enclave around Benghazi but struggled to advance towards Tripoli, the capital.

YEMEN'S president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, promised to step down by the end of the year after snipers killed at least 50 demonstrators in Sana'a, the capital. After several of his closest military and tribal allies turned against him, his days looked numbered.

The SYRIAN government responded to protests in the southern city of Deraa by shooting dead at least a dozen people, some of whom were outside a mosque.

In BAHRAIN the death toll from a crackdown by the kingdom's security forces, backed by 1,500 troops from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf-state neighbours, rose to 18. Protesters continued to demand reform.

Three-quarters of EGYPTIAN voters endorsed a batch of constitutional amendments paving the way for a general election, perhaps in June, and a presidential one in August or September.

One person was killed and 30 injured by a bomb left at a bus stop in JERUSALEM, the first such attack in the city for more than six years.

This came after Israeli jets launched air raids in the GAZA STRIP in retaliation for the heaviest barrage of mortars and rockets fired into Israel by Palestinian militants for two years.

Thousands of refugees from COTE D'IVOIRE poured into Liberia as fighting resumed between rival groups claiming victory in last year's presidential election.

Officials said around 70 people had been killed in clashes between the army of SOUTH SUDAN, which is due to gain independence in July, and fighters loyal to a southern rebel leader in the borderland with Sudan. The southern government accused Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, of trying to destabilise the emerging state.

Aid and power supplies remained patchy in the northern region of JAPAN stricken by an earthquake and tsunami. Workers struggled to contain a burning reactor at the Fukushima nuclear-power plant as the site emitted small but worrying amounts of radiation. Increased concentrations of radioactive material were found in milk and vegetables in the area. TOKYO'S governor recommended that babies be kept away from the city's tap water as it contained higher levels of radioactive iodine.

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away from the city
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