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 sperate measures are still planned.

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PostSubject: sperate measures are still planned.   Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:14 am

ednesday, Japan time, that all workers had to take shelter in a shielded bunker for several hours. That led to incorrect reports that the workers had been completely withdrawn from the site.

Plant operators are still pumping seawater through damaged reactors, but more desperate measures are still planned.

Officials were also preparing to spray water from high-pressure hoses onto the No. 4 reactor.

A Clear Path For The Release Of Radiation

U.S. nuclear experts say the gravest threat comes not from the radioactive fuel inside the plant's reactors but from the pools containing used fuel rods. High radiation levels released from reactor No. 3 Wednesday halted workers' efforts to add water into the cooling pon
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sperate measures are still planned.
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