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 p to Harvard, but his family lacke

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PostSubject: p to Harvard, but his family lacke   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:34 pm

berculosis in 1933.[13] Historian David Reynolds summarises : "His father was a violent bully, his mother a devoted Quaker and home-maker, yet the young Richard drew no real warmth from her; there were few hugs and kisses. Much of his mother's energy was expended on his sickly brothers. Richard grew up insecure, withdrawn and emotionally bottled-up - yet these trials spurred a fierce ambition." [14]
Nixon attended Fullerton High School in Fullerton, but later he transferred to Whittier High School, where he graduated second in his class in 1930.[15] He lost the 1929 student body presidential election at Whittier to a more popular student, a loss which wounded him, but would be his last electoral defeat for 31 years.[16] Richard was offered a scholarship to Harvard, but his family lacked the money for him to travel to and live in the East; he instead lived at home and took up a scholarship to Whittier College.[17][18] a local Quaker school, where he co-founded a fraternity known as The Orthogonian Society. Nixon was a formidable debater, standout in collegiate drama productions, student body president, and was on the college baseball, football and track teams.[18][19] While at

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p to Harvard, but his family lacke
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